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人:Patrizia Pucci 教授(意大利佩鲁贾大学)

报告时间:201964(星期二) 下午230--3:30

报告题目:Some nonlinear problems with lack of compactness: new results and open questions

报告地点: 应用数学研究中心报告厅(计算机楼718#




The first part of the talk deals with the existence of nontrivial entire solutions for critical Hardy quasilinear systems driven by general (p,q) elliptic operators of Marcellini types. Existence is derived as an application of the mountain pass geometry and the concentration-compactness principle of Lions. The constructed solution has both components nontrivial, that is it solves the actual system, which does not reduce into an equation. In the second part we present new results on existence of solutions for degenerate Kirchhoff problems, involving (p,q)-fractional operators as well as critical nonlinearities. The results improve or complement previous theorems for the quasilinear (p,q) scalar as well as vectorial problems. The conclusions also raise, and leave open, a number of other intriguing questions, which are briefly presented.



Patrizia Pucci 教授,在意大利佩鲁贾大学分别获得硕士和博士学位目前在意大利佩鲁贾大学数学与计算机科学学院工作。主要研究领域为偏微分方程尤其是全局分析,流形分析,算子理论等。在国际著名期刊Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal; Ann. Mat. Pura Appl.; J. Differential Equations; Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré.Analyse Non Linéaire等上发表论文一百五十余篇,累计被1574名学者引用高达3469次,h指数高达312009-2013年任佩鲁贾大学副院长。2014年获意大利Lincai国家学院颁发的 Luigi Tartufari教授奖。2016年获罗马尼亚克拉约瓦大学荣誉博士学位。2017年获Babes Bolyai大学的荣誉博士学位,并成为翁布里亚科学院成员。2018年获由Clarivate Analytics 颁发的高被引作者。2019年成为Peloritana  Pericolanti 自然科学研究院数学物理类研究员。同时, Patrizia Pucci 教授还担任多个国际著名期刊(SCI)的编委会成员, Advances in Nonlinear Analysis Nonlinear Analysis A: Theory, Methods & ApplicationsAtti Sem. Mat. Fis. Univ. ModenaElectronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations等, 并自20168月起担任国际著名期刊Advances in Differential Equations的主编。



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