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报告题目:Effect of spatial average on the spatial-temporal pattern formation of reaction-diffusion systems

报告地点: 应用数学研究中心报告厅(计算机楼718#




In reaction-diffusion models describing biological and chemical interactions, some dispersal and interaction can be of nonlocal nature. First we show that in some models from cellular biology or ecology depending on the spatial average of density functions instead of local density functions, such nonlocal spatial average can induce instability of constant steady state, which is different from classical Turing instability. In particular, for systems of two equations containing spatial averages, spatially non-homogeneous time-periodic orbits could occur through bifurcations from the constant steady state. Examples from a nonlocal predator-prey model and a pollen tube tip model will be used to demonstrate such bifurcations. In another direction, we show that when a averaging nonlocal dispersal occurs instead of classical diffusion, how the mechanism of Turing diffusion-induced instability and pattern formation changes. The first is a joint work with Qingyan Shi (Tongji University) and Yongli Song (Hangzhou Normal University), and the second one is a joint work with Shanshan Chen (Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai). 



史峻平,美国威廉玛丽学院(College of William and Mary)数学系主任,汉密尔顿讲座教授。1990-93年南开大学学习,1998年毕业于美国杨百翰大学,获博士学位。主要研究方向为偏微分方程,动力系统,分歧理论,非线性泛函分析,生物数学。在偏微分方程,分歧理论方面的研究工作受到国际上广泛重视。另外在生物数学,包括种群模型,生物化学反应,形态生成,生态系统稳定性等方面都有研究。曾任哈尔滨师范大学龙江学者讲座教授,山西大学百人计划讲座教授,主持参加美国和中国国家科学基金会基金项目多项,主持组织国际学术会议20多次,在国际学术会议做大会报告/邀请报告100余次。担任多个国际知名SCI刊物编委,为70多种数学、物理、生物刊物审稿人。发表学术论文150余篇,其中被SCI收录140余篇,被SCI杂志引用2000余次(它引1700余次)。



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