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Alessio Fiscella助理教授(巴西坎皮纳斯大学)

报告时间:201964(星期) 下午330--4: 30

报告题目:Future perspectives for fractional Kirchhoff problems involving singular terms

报告地点: 应用数学研究中心报告厅(计算机楼718#




In this talk we discuss about recent results for Kirchhoff problems driven by nonlocal fractional operators, involving critical Sobolev nonlinearties and singular terms. Our variational problems present some difficulties due to the bi-nonlocal nature of the elliptic part, the lack of compactness at critical level and the possible nondifferentiability of the related functional. For this, in order to state multiplicity results, we introduce different proof techniques based on approximation and minimization arguments. After retracing the historical path, we conclude the talk presenting some interesting open questions and new future directions.



Alessio Fiscella,助理教授,2011年在意大利佩鲁贾大学获得硕士学位,2014年获意大利米兰大学博士学位。目前在巴西坎皮纳斯大学担任助理教授。主要研究领域为偏微分方程,算子理论等。在J.Differential Equations; J. Math. Anal. Appl.Nonlinear Anal.Nonlinear Anal. Real World Appl.Adv. Differential Equations. Proc. Roy. Soc.Edinburgh Sect. ADiscrete Contin. Dyn. Syst.等国际著名期刊上发表论文27篇,其中有5篇被为领域内高被引论文,1篇为热点论文,累计被引次数达到四百三十余次。Alessio Fiscella 担任多个SCI期刊的审稿人,如Acta Mathematica ScientiaAdvances in Nonlinear AnalysisApplied Mathematics LettersDiscrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series SCommunications on Pure and Applied Analysis等。多次参加国际重要学术会议并在会上做了精彩的报告。如在第二届国际非线性分析与应用研讨会上,做了题为“Critical singular Kirchhoffff type problems driven by fractional operators.”的报告。2016年,在国立台湾大学组织举办了第十二届AIMS动力系统、微分方程与应用特别会议。2017年三月获意大利数理科学领域二级教授资格。



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